Author Series

The National Defense University Foundation’s Author Series is organized to highlight the writing of professionals who have made strides in the study of national security, history, and culture as well as the important research being done by faculty of the NDU.

The Author Series schedule is made up of about two sessions per season. They often include remarks by the authors themselves followed by the possibility of a Q&A session, a book signing, a reception, or the like. The books highlighted by the Series then have the option of being sold in the NDU Foundation Bookstore/Gift Shop in the subsequent months.


Our recent Author Series guests:

March 15, 2017- Dr. Robert Watts
American Sea Power: The Obsolescence of Capital Ship Theory


February 15, 2017- Dr. Richard Hooker
Charting A Course: Strategic Choices for a New Administration


For additional information please contact Mr. Dan Khouri, Programs Manager at the National Defense University Foundation at or by phone at (202) 685-3800.