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Mission and Milestones


The NDU Foundation is committed to enhancing human security and global stability by investing in the education and leadership development of national security professionals studying at the National Defense University (NDU).  Established in 1982 as a nonpartisan philanthropic organization, the Foundation's mission is to raise awareness and support for NDU. The Foundation brings together dedicated individuals, corporations, and NGO's to ensure that the NDU community has the richness of resources necessary to cultivate excellence in the next generation of global security leaders.  

NDU is the preeminent joint, international, and interagency educational institution for leaders in national security. Here, military and civilian leaders earn graduate degrees through Joint Professional Military Education (JPME) programs that nurture mutual understanding and cooperation, as well as excellence in national security scholarship, leadership, ethics, resiliency, and professionalism. For more information on NDU, its programs, research, and students, visit .


  • 1982 - NDU Foundation established as a 501(c)(3)
  • 2000 - First annual American Patriot Award Gala honors General Colin Powell
  • 2006 - Established the Colin Powell Chair for National Security Leadership, Character and Ethics
  • 2011 - Inaugural Women, Peace, and Security writing award
  • 2012 - National Security Circle program launched
  • 2013 - Veterans Venture Forum launched & First NDUF Lifetime Achievement Award presented to Lt. General Brent Scowcroft
  • 2015 - Renovation of NDU Wellness Center in partnership with Humana
  • 2016 - Second NDUF Lifetime Achievement Award presented to the Honorable Norman Augustine

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NDU and Women In Peace And Security

NDU and Women In Peace And Security